Close Reading with LessonWriter

Close reading is not a new concept; engaged readers have always practiced close reading.  However, the Common Core State Standards, which challenge students to dissect and evaluate texts with high degrees of complexity, have ushered in a frenzy of discussion about how best to teach close reading.

LessonWriter provides several tools to make it easier to structure lessons that support close reading:

  • The textual analysis that the system performs extracts core components of literacy instruction and increases the accessibility of the text.
  • Differentiation groups help teachers target the right amount of support to each student.
  • Graphic organizers support important comprehension strategies like self-monitoring, questioning, predicting and summarizing.
  • Our question prompts help teachers structure questions to encourage student to re-read the text and extract, evaluate and explore the meaning behind the words.

In the Sourcebook on Rhetoric, James Jasinski explains: “The principal object of close reading is to unpack the text. Close readers linger over words, verbal images, elements of style, sentences, argument patterns, and entire paragraphs and larger discursive units within the text to explore their significance on multiple levels.”

We hope you’ll use LessonWriter to help students “unpack the texts” in your classes!

Here are some other great resources on Close Reading:

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