Building Teacher Collaboration

Young people are discussing together a new project. A glowing light bulb as a new idea.

Why Teacher Collaboration is Necessary

At times, teaching can be a lonely profession, and never more so during this time of school shutdowns and social distancing policies.

As administrators, we must recognize that we will not always be the first person a teacher turns to for advice on improving their effectiveness in the classroom, and that’s okay. Building teacher collaboration helps not only with school-wide cohesiveness, but also student achievement.

Likely, the teacher will turn to her colleagues first—as they should! In The Missing Link in School Reform, Carrie Leana notes the importance of positive teacher collaboration in raising student achievement: “When the relationships among teachers in a school are characterized by high trust and frequent interaction…student achievement scores improve.” Facilitating effective and efficient teacher interaction should be a priority of any administrator interested in optimizing student achievement.

How Can We Help Already Busy Teachers?

A 2013 Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) shows that American teachers already have the most contact time with students during working hours, in comparison to teachers from other countries. But, how can we ensure a deepening of collaborative relationships within our schools without unduly stressing our already time-pressed teachers?

LessonWriter School accounts offer a comprehensive range of collaboration tools that enable your teachers to work together on lessons quickly and conveniently. Upon creating a lesson, the originator of the lesson can invite colleagues to contribute via LessonWriter’s message board.

Easy Communication for Busy Teachers

LessonWriter’s message board keeps track of all communications. When an invitation is accepted, the originator of the board receives a prompt notification initiating the collaboration. As tasks are delegated and teachers continue to make updates to the lesson, all collaborators receive update notifications keeping everyone informed of progress. This maintains an ongoing record of who is doing what on the project. 

Teachers also have the ability to branch at any point in the collaboration: they can adopt a specific version of the lesson by saving it to a class, while continuing to collaborate on the original lesson.

Increase School Effectiveness Today

The registration process at LessonWriter is quick and easy. Just follow this link to open up a wealth of team-teaching tools and communication options to your teachers.

Not only that, but our platform facilitates alignment with common core standards, as well as assists with class organization and reporting, freeing up valuable time for what lies at the heart of school effectiveness: teacher collaboration.

Calling All Writers! 

LessonWriter is currently accepting blog post submissions from educators and school administrators. Head to our “Write for LessonWriter” page for more details.

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