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What is LessonWriter?

LessonWriter is an online lesson-writing service that automatically creates personalized print, web, and mobile-ready literacy lessons, from any text of your choice. Our mission is simple, but mighty: Make it easier to teach better.

Read an interesting article over the weekend you think would be great to include in your classroom? Awesome! Just copy and paste that article into LessonWriter, and instantly have a new lesson for your students.

How LessonWriter Began Writing Lessons

Are you tired of using your weekends to catch up on work? Hate missing time with your family while grading or making up new lessons?

LessonWriter was built by teachers, for teachers, with one idea in mind: make it easier for teachers to create high-quality lessons, without sacrificing their life, time with family and friends, and mental health.

One teacher created an application to perform repetitive tasks with new materials, such as formatting worksheets and creating flashcards from a newspaper article. Colleagues noticed and added their own ideas and applications, and as the collection grew, another teacher suggested they all be brought together in a single website.

LessonWriter was born and continues to grow with the support of teachers, administrators, and all life-long learners.

What Does LessonWriter Do?

LessonWriter.com automatically creates print, web, and mobile-ready lessons to promote comprehension in any subject: an article on cell structure for biology class, a primary source document in history, a short story, or this very moment’s headline news.

All you do is copy and paste the link to the article in LessonWriter.com, and a lesson based on that text is made, including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, roots & stems, comprehension tasks, and graphic organization.

No matter the subject, LessonWriter makes a lesson to help advance students’ understanding.

Want more input in making the lesson? No worries: we have three options for customization:

  1. Express: We handle all the details, and you can instantly download or print your lesson.
  2. Standard: We take care of language support (for example, vocabulary and grammar), but you write your own comprehension questions.
  3. Detailed: You have a hand in every part of the process. From roots and stems, pronunciation, to graphic organizers and differentiated instruction. We just do the backend!
lesson writing easy
Choose what questions to include, which writing prompts you prefer, and your favorite graphic organizer.

LessonWriter’s Goal: Make Teaching & Learning Easier!

No matter the content or difficulty level, LessonWriter provides easily customizable lessons that along with a complete lesson plan all made to support literacy across all content areas.

We also have school-wide plans that provide customized student landing pages, teacher collaboration tools, student pages for interactive learning and online grading, and administrative reports.

Made by teachers, for teachers, LessonWriter.com provides literacy and critical-thinking support to help students read better, write better, and understand more.

Plus, it’s free for teachers, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Or, to learn more, check out our demo video on our homepage.


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