About LessonWriter.com

lesson writer, online lesson planner

LessonWriter is an online service that automatically creates personalized print, web, and mobile-ready literacy lessons, from any text of your choice. Our mission is simple, but mighty: Make it easier to teach better.

Read an interesting article over the weekend you think would be great to include in your classroom? Awesome! Just copy and paste that article into LessonWriter, and instantly have a new lesson for your students.

No matter the content or difficulty level, LessonWriter provides easily customizable lessons along with a complete lesson plan aligned with Common Core standards.

Made by teachers, for teachers, LessonWriter.com provides literacy and critical-thinking support to help students read better, and understand more.

Plus, it’s free for teachers, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Or, to learn more, check out our demo video on our homepage.

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