LessonWriter 2.0 is live!

Last February we gathered all of the user feedback we had received in emails and in in-person trainings, examined where on our site users had the most difficulty, and analyzed which features we felt were most under-utilized.
Through Betaspring, the Providence Rhode Island business accelerator, we got expert user-interface advice and were introduced to an amazing designer.
And now, six months later, LessonWriter is proud to launch our 100% new site: 100% new code, 100% new databases, 100% new design, and 100% built from YOUR feedback.
We hope you’ll think it’s 100% great, too!
All of the simple, fast, and free features you have used in the past are still here and still free, but now they are faster and more flexible. You have more exercise options and can target different exercises to your differentiation groups.
And there’s more. Now there are premium features, like online lessons with automated assessment that are instantly generated from the lessons you make. Lesson design options. Video lesson options. And much much more.
We’ll be introducing you to a new premium features every week or two, and hope you’ll be excited enough take advantage of our incredibly low pricing and remarkable support.
Enjoy the new LessonWriter.com and please let us know what you think.


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